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東京のお台場にあるトリックアートミュージアム A trick art museum in Odaiba, Tokyo

日本で、東京のお台場にあるトリックアートミュージアムに行ってきました。ある角度から見ると本物に!たくさんあってすべてトライしなきゃ でした。
In Japan, I went to a trick art museum in Odaiba, Tokyo. It was cool, It looks so real from one angle, there are many pictures and I had to try every single one!


日本で見かけた本物みたいなロボットちゃんA robot like a super realistic one I saw in Japan


本物みたいなロボットちゃん。いつかあなた達が活躍してくれるのかしら? どうやら今の4,50代の人達の多くが彼らに介護してもらうみたいね。大丈夫かしら、、、

A robot like a super realistic one I saw in Japan.
Will you someday be helpful for human?  It seems that they will take care of the 40 th and 50 th people when they get old in Japan. I wonder if it is OK ,,,



ベトナム系スーパーで冷凍のかえるの足 frog’s frozen feet  at Vietnamese supermarket!

As soon as I came back here, I was shocked when I saw selling frog’s frozen feet  at Vietnamese supermarket! As expected, a multinational country here in US! The shapes remind of me a Hermit frog from Sesame Street !
One pound three dollars 99 cents ~
How do you eat it?
I have seen that before, a guy was eating at a TV survival program. I hear that it is like chicken, but ,,,


「日本人を月へ」は、 bring down a Japanese astronaut to the moon,

Japan has found a new space exploration policy by taking on the international trends mainly in the United States. Japan currently invests about 40 billion yen annually in the ISS plan and regularly stays a Japanese astronaut for a long time. In order to bring down a Japanese astronaut to the moon, it is important to further refine the “strengths” of proprietary technology and enhance its presence in international cooperation.


I see. In the past, I remembered that Americans were watching the movie walking the moon and moved. When do Japanese people go? I am looking forward to it!



6っヶ月いなかったから Because I had not been here for 6 months

6っヶ月いなかったから 植物が死にかけてました、ごめんなさい。急いで栄養を与えて かれた部分を集めて葉束をつくりました。
Because I had not been here for 6 months, the plants were dying, I’m sorry. I gave nutrition quickly and gathered parts and made a leaf bundle.


半年ぶりのBluetoothで好きな曲, I’ve never found a girl. My favorite songs with Bluetooth I’ve never found a girl.

Long-awaited home! I unpacked the baggage,  took a shower, then I am listening to my favorite music on Bluetooth. I did not listen to it for 6 months so missed you! ! The comfort is also doubling.

今日はLet’s stay together よりI’ve never found a girlのほうが好きかも、、、
I’d rather like I’ve never found a girl than Let’s stay together today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agErrqcnqdA
Hope you all have a good time ~.

アル・グリーン(Al Green、1946年4月13日 – )は、アメリカ合衆国の歌手、ソングライター。 「ローリング・ストーン誌の選ぶ歴史上最も偉大な100人のシンガー」において第14位。…
Al Green (Al Green, 13 April 1946 -) is a singer, songwriter of the United States. It is # 14 in “Rolling Stone magazine’s greatest honorable 100 singer”. ….


おじいちゃんバーテンダーがつくるカクテル Grandpa Bartender Cocktail

雪国 という名のカクテルをいただきました。甘くてにがくて強くて、最高の気分になりました。
I got a cocktail named Snow Country. It was sweet, struggling, strong, I felt the best.

Grandpa, it was delicious! Thank you.