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「日本人を月へ」は、 bring down a Japanese astronaut to the moon,

Japan has found a new space exploration policy by taking on the international trends mainly in the United States. Japan currently invests about 40 billion yen annually in the ISS plan and regularly stays a Japanese astronaut for a long time. In order to bring down a Japanese astronaut to the moon, it is important to further refine the “strengths” of proprietary technology and enhance its presence in international cooperation.


I see. In the past, I remembered that Americans were watching the movie walking the moon and moved. When do Japanese people go? I am looking forward to it!



6っヶ月いなかったから Because I had not been here for 6 months

6っヶ月いなかったから 植物が死にかけてました、ごめんなさい。急いで栄養を与えて かれた部分を集めて葉束をつくりました。
Because I had not been here for 6 months, the plants were dying, I’m sorry. I gave nutrition quickly and gathered parts and made a leaf bundle.


半年ぶりのBluetoothで好きな曲, I’ve never found a girl. My favorite songs with Bluetooth I’ve never found a girl.

Long-awaited home! I unpacked the baggage,  took a shower, then I am listening to my favorite music on Bluetooth. I did not listen to it for 6 months so missed you! ! The comfort is also doubling.

今日はLet’s stay together よりI’ve never found a girlのほうが好きかも、、、
I’d rather like I’ve never found a girl than Let’s stay together today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agErrqcnqdA
Hope you all have a good time ~.

アル・グリーン(Al Green、1946年4月13日 – )は、アメリカ合衆国の歌手、ソングライター。 「ローリング・ストーン誌の選ぶ歴史上最も偉大な100人のシンガー」において第14位。…
Al Green (Al Green, 13 April 1946 -) is a singer, songwriter of the United States. It is # 14 in “Rolling Stone magazine’s greatest honorable 100 singer”. ….


おじいちゃんバーテンダーがつくるカクテル Grandpa Bartender Cocktail

雪国 という名のカクテルをいただきました。甘くてにがくて強くて、最高の気分になりました。
I got a cocktail named Snow Country. It was sweet, struggling, strong, I felt the best.

Grandpa, it was delicious! Thank you.