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透明コーヒー clear coffee

In the world, the first Nagy brothers living in London who produced transparent coffee. The recipe is really simple, it says you just leached high quality Arabica coffee beans with pure water . In addition, this caffeine drink does not contain preservatives, sweeteners, chemical seasonings, stabilizers at all.
Some people say that they are concerned about coloring teeth but save the amount they drink even though they like coffee. Such people also talk about netting as “why this is the first time in the world that you can drink without worrying about teeth becoming dirty” or “It seems that you can enjoy a deep flavor with a rich touch though it is transparent”.


スマホで歯のホワイトニング Teeth whitening with your smartphone

“smartwhite” (5184 yen) appeared from artless is a teeth whitening using a smartphone. A set of mouthpiece and exclusive gel is set. Characteristic is where power is supplied from the smartphone.


脳で念じてモーターを自由に動かす、ブレイン・マシン・インタフェース(BMI)研究スターターキットが登場 Brain machine interface (BMI) research starter kit emerging to move the motor freely in mind in the brain


PC If using the keyboard … to enter the letters and numbers
… to enter Flick or tap the smartphone if the screen with a fingertip
or running a character with a dedicated controller if the game, … or to jump
us Is an interface that uses fingers and hands to communicate their intentions to computers and to enter commands.

(前額部)の生体信号を読み取ってコンピュータを制御する「BCI(Brain Computer Interface)や「BMI(Brain Machine Interface)と呼ばれているインタフェース技術です。
“I wonder if the future will allow you to enter the computer just by thinking”, but what I am seriously working on is “BCI” which reads the bio signal of the brain (forehead) and controls the computer (Brain Computer Interface) and “BMI” (Brain Machine Interface).

These technologies are drawing attention also in the field of robotics, and it is hoped that the future that the robot can control and maneuver as expected will come from biological signals from the brain. 


世界に1頭のオス死ぬ キタシロサイ、絶滅ほぼ確実 One male died of death in the world, almost extinct

A male males who had survived only one in the world died on the 19th. Anno Pepeta nature reserve in central Kenya announced. Only two females in the protected area remained, and extinction was almost definite situation .


天然のピンク色のチョコレート「ルビー」 natural chocolate “ruby”

Ruby, the Swiss chocolate maker “Barry Callebaut” succeeded in development after more than 10 years, is the newest chocolate after three kinds of bitter, milk and white. Attracted attention from the announcement of September last year, it is characterized by a fruity acidity like berry.
Nestlé will commercialize the natural pink chocolate “Ruby” for the first time in the world 


ブラウザで絵を描くように曲作りができる「Song Maker」”Song Maker” which allows you to make songs like drawing pictures with browsers

ブラウザで手軽に曲作りが楽しめるWebアプリ「Song Maker」がGoogleから公開されました。適当に絵を描いて再生するだけでも楽しい!
 A web application ” Song Maker ” that makes it easy to create songs in the browser has been released by Google. Just painting and playing properly is fun!
 Anyone can make a song simply by tapping and tracing the grid in the screen, and pressing the playback in the lower left will play the loop at the set tempo. Since it is simply “Doremifa Solaside” from the lower grid, you can make your favorite melody if you get used to it. Piano, marimba, woodwind instruments etc can be selected from the bottom of the instrument to play.


132年前の瓶入りメッセージを発見、豪州 Discovering a bottle message 132 years ago, Australia


The bottle picked up on the beach was thrown into the sea by a German sailing ship 132 years ago
A bottle with a letter found on an Australian island was dropped by the Indian Ocean 132 years ago and it was drifting.


イチロー復帰マリナーズ Ichiro return mariners

Ichiro Ueno 44, who had been a free agent (FA) from Marlins, agreed on a major contract with the Mariners on May 5 (Japan time 6 days).
Ichiro Ueno 44, who had been a free agent (FA) from Marlins, agreed on a major contract with the Mariners on May 5 (Japan time 6 days).



In addition to VR goggles, it is a point to put markers on both hands, both feet and the head. The position of the participants, the movement of the body, if you pick up any tools in the real world, it will be reflected in the VR world in real time. It’s pretty serious VR content.