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宿坊体験Temple stay

私たちは、宿坊に泊まり座禅をし、精進料理を食べ、お茶を飲んだり ベーシックな一日を送りました。こういう事をすると、一番大切なものも見えてきます。
We stayed at Japanese Temple and did Zazen which is Japanese style meditation, eat vegitable cuisine and have tea celemony and other basic lifestyle thing.
It’s good to have this kind of opportuniy because it helps to see basic happiness.
I found many beauty in their daily life like flower arrangement, tea with nice teacup, back yard… and makes myself want to be one of them.


NASA、火星でドローンの飛行実験 NASA, Drone’s flight experiment on Mars


 NASA = The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced on Monday that it will conduct an experiment to fly a helicopter type small drone drones on Mars.
 NASA unveiled a policy to load a helicopter type small drone drone into a Mars explorer planned to be launched in 2020 on the 11th.
 Drone is scheduled to arrive on Mars in 2021, and as soon as it arrives, flight experiments will be done. It is the first time drone fly on planets other than the Earth.
 The density of the atmosphere of Mars is about one hundredth, and it is said that it is difficult to rotate the wing and make the aircraft float. For this reason, the size of the drone is about the same as that of the softball, weighing as little as 2 kilos to make it as light as possible, and furthermore to rotate the wings faster by 10 times than on the earth.
 It is expected that drone runs with solar cells, goes to places where ground explorers can not reach, etc., and expands the scope of investigation.







本格的なしわ改善化粧品・資生堂エリクシールのリンクルクリームS Authentic wrinkle improvement cosmetic · Shiseido Elixir’s Wrinkle Cream S



資生堂では「最先端のしわ改善技術を多くの女性に届けて、女性本来の豊かな表情を解放したい」という想いから、「資生堂 表情プロジェクト」というプロジェクトで、レチノールを配合した商品開発を複数のブランドで進行中だそうです。

Shiseido Elixir’s Wrinkle Cream S , which was newly released on June 21, 2017, is the first medicine quasi drug approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan for the “efficacy effect to improve deep wrinkles due to active ingredient pure retinol” .

Shiseido has thoroughly studied the mechanism of wrinkles for thirty years before delivering “medicinal cosmetics for improving wrinkles” to the world, and as a new quasi-drug to improve wrinkles out of about 5,400 ingredients He searched for active ingredients.

In Shiseido, from the idea that “I want to release state-of-the-art wrinkle improvement technology to many women and release the rich facial expression of the woman” from the idea of ​​”Shiseido facial expression project”, the product development with retinol mixed with multiple brands It seems to be in progress.


ペダルの見張り番 Pedal watchdog


The function of the watch number of the pedal is two. One is to detect the vehicle speed and the brake signal of the vehicle side when the accelerator pedal is stepped on by mistake in stepping on the brake pedal and stopping it, and electrically control the amount of depression of the accelerator pedal “Over accelerator canceller (OAC)” to prevent erroneous departure. I feel it is difficult to explain like this, in short, it is a function to prevent erroneous departure when I mistake the accelerator and brake. 
The other is simple as “brake override system (BOS)” where brake operation takes precedence when accelerator pedal and brake pedal are stepped on at the same time. When control is applied, it gives a warning by a buzzer sound. 



アネロのがま口バックパックaneiio’s gamaguchi backpack





The original brand of Osaka ‘s Carrot Company developed by Carrot Company 【anello】 Anero’ s backpack ! It is very popular backpack as I have not seen it yet .
An opportunity for Mama who has a backpack in the mothers bag has also increased rapidly.
From the most famous and popular ‘Happy and open’ backpack .


AirPods で聴くListen on AirPods

AirPods は専用ケースから取り出せば、電源が入り、すぐに使える状態になります。耳につければ、デバイスからの音声が自動的に AirPods から流れてきます。AirPod を片方外すと音声が一時停止し、両方とも耳から外すと音声は停止します。
AirPods は iPhone と Apple Watch に同時に接続されます。その 2 つの間で自動的に音声が切り替わります。
If you take out AirPods from the special case, it will be powered on and ready for use. When you hear it, the sound from the device automatically flows from AirPods. When one side of AirPod is removed, the sound is paused, and when both are disconnected from the ear, the sound stops.
AirPods is connected to iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. Audio will switch automatically between the two.


SpaceX、新型ロケットBFRで「地球旅行」を提案。東京-NY間も37分 SpaceX, a new rocket BFR proposes “earth travel”. 37 minutes between Tokyo and NY

BFR SpaceXが開発してきたFalcon 9 Falcon Heavy を置き換える完全再利用型ロケット。人工衛星の打ち上げに加え、宇宙ステーションへの貨物および人員輸送、さらには月や火星への植民も想定した超大型ロケットです。
BFR is a fully reusable rocket that replaces Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy developed by SpaceX. In addition to the launch of satellites, it is a super-large rocket that assumed cargo and personnel transport to the space station, as well as colonists to the moon and Mars.
However, Earon Mask revealed the idea of ​​bringing BFR into service as an ultra-high-speed aircraft, such as traveling on the earth as well as space, and only 37 minutes (!) Between Tokyo and New York. With SpaceX’s expression, you can reach most places on the planet within 30 minutes and everywhere within an hour.


ARコンタクトレンズの可能性 Possibility of AR Contact Lens 

2017/05/25 – ソニーの特許にあるコンタクトレンズ. AR技術を使ったデバイスやスマートフォン用のアプリケーションは多数開発されているが、情報が表示されるのはディスプレイである。スマートフォンならば手に持ったディスプレイだし、メガネ型のデバイスだとしても目から数センチ先のディスプレイに情報が表示される。 だが、ARコンタクトレンズならばほとんど目の中に情報を入れていると言っても良い。
2017/05/25 – Contact lenses in Sony ‘s patent Although many applications for devices and smartphones using AR technology have been developed, information is displayed on the display . If it is a smartphone, it is a display held in the hand, and even if it is a glasses type device, information is displayed on the display several centimeters away from the eyes . However, it can be said that ARcontact lenses contain information in almost the eyes.